AKC Certified Breeder of Toy and Miniture Australian Shepherds and member of NAMASUSA, MASCA, ASCA, and, ARBA.
Texas Ti Aussies
Owner: DeeDee G. Karrenbauer Phone: (713) 412-0451 Email: puppy@texastiaussies.com

We are committed to developing and maintaining a breeding program that provides healthy intelligent puppies with predictable personalities suitable for a variety of active disciplines whose primary role is that of cherished family pet.

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Meet Raksha
She is an adult Toy Australian Shepherd.

Though Aussies have a tendency to want to herd cats, if properly socialized they can not only co-exist, they can develop true friendships with other pets in the home.

It has been reported to me that Raksha's babies share her love of cats. Raksha has retired and I can report that she now has her own family who cherish her. She gave me four beautiful litters.Texas Ti's Vitoria (Tori) and Texas Ti's Bangs (Yes there is a town in Texas named Bangs) have join my girls. Both are toys. Tori is a Red Tri and Bangs is a blue Merle.

You can go to YouTube to see how we raise our babies at Texas Ti.  Using their search type in Texas Ti Aussies (three words).  It will bring up my videos.  You will be able to see my adults as well as puppies from previous litters.  These videos were taken several years ago but continue to give one a good idea of how I raise my babies.  And you can now find us on facebook.  It is a public page so you do not have to join facebook in order to view the page.  Texas Ti Aussies Enjoy!

For additional information feel free to telephone (713)412-0451 or email me at puppy@texastiaussies.com

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